Attention! The access to a photo archive of documentation of the various SRS units is beeng opened for the professionals. There are manuals, diagrams and the other important information in an extensive database. The base simplifies process of operation on a firmware of the SRS units and also the other manipulations connected to repair and restoration of these systems. That documentation is a result of laborious work, it gathered and formed within more than three years. The close-up pictures will allow to read chips and boards marking. Instructions on repair and replacement of components of SRS system are executed in the form of a photomanual with a detailed description of process. Information base is replenished by new data regularly. Today, there are all actual materials on the last electronic units of system of passive safety of the car.


Important note. Study the installation instruction attentively! Viewing of archive is only possible in the Internet Explorer browser beginning from version 8 and further. Before payment save settings according to the provided recommendations and pass a fault detection test for possibility of viewing of photos. If there are problems, contact us. The cost of a subscription will be $300.